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Nothing is permanent.

A friend and I were chatting last week. I’ve had this friend for nearly 30 years and during that time, we’ve always come and gone, in and out of each other’s lives. At the end of the conversation he said “Well, I’ll see you again.” and he headed off on a big trip for the next few years. When he said that, we weren’t saying goodbye, we were just saying “See you later.” That moment, I realized that nothing, no matter how good or bad, is permanent.

Over the years, I’ve experienced really great highs and struggled through really tough lows, but none of them have lasted forever. Whatever I’ve been going through, has never lasted forever. I’m sure it’s the same for you too.

Think about your most embarrassing moment. As awful as it was at the time, it passed. Perhaps now, it doesn’t even phase you to think about it. Maybe you can even laugh about it. Your first heartbreak? It’s passed. That time that you laughed until it hurt, gone too. Sometimes that’s a gift and unfortunately, sometimes, it’s a curse.

This week, you will inevitably experience something that makes you pause for better or worse. If it’s for worse, just know that with time, it will pass. If it’s for the better, smile and appreciate the moment because nothing is permanent.

See you on the mats,


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