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Ninja Tots Karate

Our Ninja Tots karate program is for students between the ages of 3 and 4 whose parents want them to learn a new skill, build confidence, develop discipline and improve their fitness through karate. With a built-in system of goals (stripe and belts), students become motivated on improving and progressing through the ranks. This is an ideal program for parents that want to introduce their child to the martial arts, help their child improve their fitness and co-ordination or develop skills like focus and co-operation as they get ready to enter school.

Looking to help your child develop balance and co-ordination?

Developing proper physical skills are an essential part of a child’s growth and development.

Developing physical skills at an early age makes everything more enjoyable.

The martial arts is a perfect way to introduce your child to the fun of movement and exercise. Through a variety of karate games and exercises, we show children that exercise is something that’s fun and lay a foundation for a happy and healthy lifestyle.

karate in aurora for toddlers
aurora martial arts for toddlers

Want to see your child get along better with other kids?

Cooperating and getting along with others affects how they perform at home, school and sport.

Learning how to be a good sport from a young age helps in all aspects of their life.

‘You can’t win them all.’ It’s true. In the martial arts, we help children learn that life can be challenging and that not everything will go your way. Most importantly, we teach them that through perseverance and consistent effort, almost anything can be achieved.

Developing focus and determination can never start too soon.

Listening skills are a skill that can be worked on at any age as long as it’s done right.

Focus is a muscle and it needs to be exercised

Working with small kids can be like herding cats sometimes but with a variety of fun games and drills, we’re able to help kids build that muscle so that in the future (like when they get to school!), they’re ready and know what it takes to stay on task.

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All of our programs include:
  • Flexible programs that range in commitment from one month to one year.
  • Flexible schedules: for most programs, we offer classes 5 days a week and require attendance twice a week, but you’re never committed to any specific days.
  • Flexible payment options that range from $89.99 to $179.00 per month
  • a FREE Trial Class and,
  • a FREE uniform.
+What happens in class?
Each 30 minutes class begins with a warm-up where we’ll help students develop co-ordination, build strength and improving overall fitness through a variety of exercises, movement and footwork drills. After warm-up we’ll move on to helping students build a strong foundation by practicing basic movements and patterns, teach self-defense skills that students can use to stay safe and then play a fun game to finish on a fun note.
+How should I begin?
New students will begin with an orientation class where they’ll learn about what they’ll be doing in their first class and practice some basic Karate movements so that in their first class, they won’t feel out of place.
+What do I bring?
For your first class, make sure to do the following:

  • Wear comfortable workout clothing.
  • Bring water and a small towel.
  • Arrive a few minutes early so that we can introduce you to your instructor.
+What times are the classes?
Ninja-Tot Classes (30 min.):Monday – 3:45 pm
Wednesday – 3:45 pm

For more information or to arrange a free trial call 905-713-1774 or email.

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