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The Secret to Conquering Your Goals: Halfway Plus One More Step!

Today, we will unveil a powerful secret that will revolutionize how you approach your aspirations –

“Halfway Plus One More Step!”

In the pursuit of our dreams, it’s natural to feel daunted by the distance between where we are now and where we want to be. This feeling can sap our motivation and leave us feeling disheartened. However, by implementing the “Halfway Plus One More Step” strategy, you can shift your perspective and take control of your journey.

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How to tie your belt

You might want to check out the video of how to tie your belt too. It’s just below Step 9.

step 1
Step 1: Place one end of the best flat against the stomach, leaving the other belt end longer
Step 2: While holding the short end of belt, wrap the longer end around the waist twice
Step 3: Cross the best in the front so that one end of the belt is on top of the other end.
Step 4: The belt on top tucks under both layers and points upward, the other end points downward.
Step 5: Pull both ends out to the sides.
Step 6: Place the belt pointing up over the top of the belt pointing down, leaving a hole.
Step 7: Bring the top end of the belt up and through the hole that is formed by the belt on the bottom.
Step 8: Take the end of the belt up through the hole. Pull both ends out to the sides.
Step 9: The knot is square and goes around both pieces of belt. Both ends are the same length.

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How Often to Attend Class

Consistent, regular attendance and effort is the key to achieving any goal. At a minimum, each student is required to attend two classes per week. Of those two classes, one must be an ‘A’ day (Monday/ Tuesday/ Saturday) and one must be a ‘B’ day (Wednesday/Thursday).

Getting Started

In order for you to attend classes, you will need to reserve a spot in class. To do that, you:

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My child wants to quit and I don’t want them to…now what?

“My child wants to quit.”

I hear this often.  Have you ever lost interest in something?  I have.  I have a guitar in my basement, a curling broom and shoes in my garage and a handful of other activities and hobbies that I’ve started and moved on from.  I’d guess that you have similar experiences.  All of this means that your kid is normal.  But…you don’t want them to quit because you think the activity that they’re involved in is important and so now what?  Well the good news is that there are a few strategies that you can use to help your child get through this phase (and there’s a good chance that that’s all it is). 

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