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2023 Summer Fun: What’s it all about!

Dear AFMA Students,

As the temperature rises and the school year winds down, we at Aurora Family Martial Arts are thrilled to announce our “Summer Fun” program! This exciting program runs from May 1st to August 31st and is designed to keep you motivated, engaged, and on track with your training throughout the summer.

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WAKO Nationals Update

Dear Clubs,

We are excited to announce that over 500 registrations have come in for the 2022 National Championship!  We are also incredibly proud to acknowledge that athletes, coaches and clubs coming from 8 provinces and 2 territories making this the largest and a truly nation-wide combative championship!

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Recreation and Healthy Active Living Leadership High School Credit Courses for females.

The town of Aurora is excited to launch registration for our summer Recreation and Healthy Active Living Leadership High School Credit Course for females.

There is a need for more females in leadership positions in sports including coaches, officials and administrators.  Through the work of the Sport Plan, Town of Aurora is committed to supporting more females to step into those roles and are excited to launch our Recreation and Healthy Active Living Leadership high school credit course.  In collaboration with ASK Online Canada, Town of Aurora will be delivering a female-only hybrid (face-to-face and online) leadership course where students can obtain a grade 12 credit towards their high school diploma.  

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Be patient with yourself. Enjoy the process.

Have you ever been told to “just be patient”? It can be frustrating to hear, especially when you’re eager for something to happen. But the truth is, patience is much more than simply waiting. It’s how you behave while you’re waiting that really matters.

In karate, patience is a critical component of mastering new techniques. Perfecting your movements takes time and practice, and rushing through the process can lead to mistakes and injuries. Patience allows you to focus on each step of the technique, making small improvements along the way until you’ve mastered it.

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When will things get better/Be open to change

Karate is a discipline that requires mental toughness, physical agility, and the ability to adapt and change. As a martial artist, you know that being open to change is crucial to your growth and development, both in the dojo and in life.

Being open to change means being willing to embrace new ideas, methods, and ways of thinking. It means being open-minded, flexible and having the courage to step outside your comfort zone. In karate, this can mean trying new techniques, exploring different styles, and adapting to new opponents. Outside the dojo, it can mean facing new challenges and navigating changes in your personal or professional life.

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Have you been feeling like you don’t belong?

Have you ever felt like you didn’t belong? I think we all feel that at one point or another. I heard a story about a wave and it reminded me that there’s a great way to overcome this feeling.

Once there was a tiny wave. He had heard stories about how when a wave travels across the ocean and eventually reaches the shore, they disappear forever. Well, this really concerns him. He’s travelling across the ocean, growing in size and eventually sees the shore. As he approaches the shore, he worries more about this but before he crashes into the beach, he realizes something. He realizes that the ocean is water and that he’s made of water. That even if he no longer exists as a wave, he will forever be a part of the ocean because he is water. Forever, people will come to the ocean, play and have fun. Fishermen will catch fish to feed their families. Water will evaporate, turn to rain and water crops, plants and trees. Forever, the wave will be a part of something that helps everyone. Without him, so much of this wouldn’t happen.

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Find your tribe

I heard a story last week and it couldn’t but help remind me of how important it is to find your tribe. Without a tribe, you’re untethered and alone and that’s tough.

Once there was a yellow flower in a field of red flowers. Because the flower was the only yellow flower in a field of red, it felt really lonely. Sometimes when you’re special, or unique, you can feel lonely. Nobody understands your experiences and how you can feel when you’re a group of one.

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Respect others’ views & opinions.

I had an interaction with a person last week and it got a bit heated. We definitely had a difference of opinions. We were far from seeing eye to eye with each other. The next day, however, something happened and it reminded me that we all have different versions of the truth. That we need to respect others’ opinions. What happened was, the person called me and we had the nicest conversation. It was as if our previous conversation had never happened. To me, it was SO weird. To them, it seemed like just another day.

How we see the world, how we experience the events in our day, are shaped by our past. How we were raised, our families, friends and so much more shape how we see the world. What is certain is that no two people see the world the same because no two people have had the same life experiences.

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Making progress. What’s the key?

We’re thrilled to have you all on this incredible journey of self-improvement and personal growth. Today, we want to discuss an essential concept at the heart of your karate training:

“Progress is progress, no matter how small.”

The Power of Small Steps: In our fast-paced world, it’s easy to become fixated on grand achievements and overlook the beauty of the small victories along the way. But here’s a secret: the accumulation of those tiny triumphs ultimately leads to significant progress. Whether refining a technique, increasing flexibility, or mastering a kata, every small step brings you closer to your goals.

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