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The Power of Habits

I was watching a tv show this morning. On the show, the people were talking about the importance of routines and habits. How a person’s habits and routines determine their success. That really got me thinking a lot about my own routines and habits and what I do. That got me thinking even more about the power of habits and how important they are. That lead me to think about this week’s message of the week.

One of the things they were talking about was the old saying “The early bird gets the worm.”. The reality is that not everyone is an early riser. Some people sleep in while other people get up early. I probably get up a little bit earlier and go to bed earlier than most. One of my close friends is the exact opposite. It’s not important WHEN you are awake. What’s important is what you do during those hours that you’re awake and that brings us to this week’s message of the week…

Your future is hidden in your daily routines

It’s okay to to sleep in. It’s okay to go to bed late. The question is, What do you do during those hours that you’re awake? Are you looking after yourself? Reading regularly? How about exercising? Spending time with friends and family? Are you doing things that are good for you? If you do those things it doesn’t matter what what time you wake up at. What your routines and habits are, determine what you’re going to get, what you deserve and what you earn. That’s the power of habits!

That’s it. I look forward to seeing you on the floor,


PS. This post reminds me a lot of another post we did about the importance of having reliable friends. Just click HERE for it. If you want to read a bit about learning how to stick with new habits, click HERE.

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