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Are you looking at the wrong things?

A couple of weeks ago, a great opportunity came up for a friend of mine. It’s amazing, but then they said something that made me think they didn’t believe they had earned the opportunity. When they said this, I immediately thought that they were looking at the wrong things. That’s what this week’s message is all about.

So, this great opportunity comes up and all they can focus on are the reasons why they DON’T deserve it. Despite the fact that they’re a hard worker, great person and more, they couldn’t believe they had the chance to do something so cool.

Inevitably in our training, we’re going to hit a roadblock and that is when we have to make a choice. We can spin it and either make it a positive or a negative. The great thing is that the choice is all ours.

For example, I can see failing a test as a failure and a statement of my skills. Or, I can see it as feedback and use it as fuel to improve. I can now focus on specifically what I struggled with and work hard at improving that. When I do that, all that will happen is that I’ll get better. Some would see the failure as a negative and some will take advantage of it. The choice is yours.

This week, as you go through the week, take some time to examine what is happening to you. Instead of looking at the wrong things and seeing the negative, look for the good in it. You’ll be amazed at how much opportunity really exists out there and how great things are. I think if you do that, it’ll make not just your training more enjoyable, but everything.

See you on the mate,


PS If you’re looking for some great motivation about looking at the positive, check this out. This guys is one of my favourites.

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