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How to tie your belt

You might want to check out the video of how to tie your belt too. It’s just below Step 9.

step 1
Step 1: Place one end of the best flat against the stomach, leaving the other belt end longer
Step 2: While holding the short end of belt, wrap the longer end around the waist twice
Step 3: Cross the best in the front so that one end of the belt is on top of the other end.
Step 4: The belt on top tucks under both layers and points upward, the other end points downward.
Step 5: Pull both ends out to the sides.
Step 6: Place the belt pointing up over the top of the belt pointing down, leaving a hole.
Step 7: Bring the top end of the belt up and through the hole that is formed by the belt on the bottom.
Step 8: Take the end of the belt up through the hole. Pull both ends out to the sides.
Step 9: The knot is square and goes around both pieces of belt. Both ends are the same length.
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