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Choose your words wisely

Last week I said something to someone and it reminded me of the importance of choosing my words wisely. I didn’t mean anything by what I said, but after looking back, I certainly could have said what I said nicer. After thinking about it, it reminded me of a funny story that reinforces that everyone should choose their words wisely.

Hundreds of years ago, there was a monastery and it was very strict about talking. In fact, it was so strict that you could only say two words every ten years! Well, there is a monk there and he studies and meditates for a decade and at the end of that decade, the head monk comes to him and says, “You’ve been here for ten years now and are allowed to say two words. What would you like to say?”

The monk thinks for a bit and then says, “Bed hard.” The head monk nods, thanks him and moves on. Ten years again pass and the head monk says to the monk, “Another ten years have passed, what are the next two words that you would like to say?”

Again, the monk thinks and then says “Food stinks.” The head monk thanks him and then moves on. It’s finally the thirtieth year of the monk’s time at the monastery. All this time, he’s been studying, praying and meditating and he once again gets to say two words which he chooses to be “I quit.”

The head monk looks at him and says “Well, that’s not a shock, all you do is complain.”

No matter how much or how little we say, a message is conveyed. How we say it does the same. This week, don’t forget to choose your words wisely. Take some time to think not just about what you’re going to say, but also how you’re going to say it. When you do that, you may just catch yourself conveying a different message than what you intended.

See you on the mats,


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