Lockdown Update - : Aurora Family Martial Arts
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Lockdown Update

As many of you know York Region was ordered to go into lockdown as of Monday, December 14th and as a result, for the next 28 days, we can no longer hold training in the school.  Given our planned holiday closure, this won’t affect our training too much.

That being said, for the next week, we will be taking classes back online which you can access through Zen Planner.  I’m thankful that so much work has been done that we can quickly adjust to this platform.  On top of that, we’ve made some improvements to our online program so it will be better than before.  For this week, we will be running an abbreviated schedule (Monday – Thursday) and adding to it in the new year. 

Tip Testing that was supposed to happen this week will be delayed until the new year.  Depending on how things move forward, we will look at performing tips checks and performance evaluations online.

Your memberships will continue to run.  If you are on a 4-week trial program, we will be adding the two weeks that we are closed for the holidays to your membership.

I’m sure for many of you, this is disappointing.  I can certainly understand and appreciate feeling that way.  During our time open, we’ve followed all requirements set out to us and have had ZERO cases associated with our school.  On top of that, the residents of Aurora have performed responsibly, reporting the second-lowest TOTAL CASES PER 100,000 in York Region. It would seem to me that we’ve earned the right to stay open.

That all being said, we have been through worse.  This is another opportunity to set ourselves apart from those that aren’t willing to persevere.  We came back from our initial closure stronger and better and will do the same again.

Thank you for your continued support,

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