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What are you willing to give up?

I’ve got a goal, but I have to give up what!? Yup…What are you willing to give up?

Last week I had a conversation with a student about them achieving their Black Belt and it really changed how I think about achieving my goals. After the conversation, it really made me stop and ask myself “What am I willing to give up, to achieve my goals?”

Speaking with the student, we reviewed what he needed to do in order to achieve his Black Belt. As we spoke, he talked about all the other things that he had going on and how it was hard to balance all his desires and responsibilities and still achieve his Black Belt. That’s understandable given how active and busy this guy is.

Now, I have no issue with him wanting to do other things but if he wants to achieve his goal, he needs to figure out what’s going to stay and what’s going to go. That got me thinking about this week’s message of the week. This week’s message is…

What are you willing to do, to achieve your goals?

Achieving any belt in any martial art takes sacrifice but the great thing about the martial arts is that, at the lower belts, the sacrifices are small. Over time, as you get higher, the sacrifices begin to grow and the decisions become tougher. You start to learn about how badly you want to achieve your goals as the sacrifices become bigger. Spending time with friends, watching TV, eating junk food, staying out late…these are all things that may need to be sacrificed if you want to move up through the ranks.

Eventually, the question…What am I willing to sacrifice?…comes up. And, when you ask that, you really start to figure out how bad you want your goals. Once you know how bad you want to achieve your goals, it’s no longer sacrifice, it’s just achieving.

See you on the mats,


PS. This reminds me of two things. First, we talked about a skill that every martial artist needs when working towards their next rank. Read that HERE. Second, one of my favourite speakers tells a store about the desire it takes to achieve a goal. Check it out below.

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