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When will we start sparring?

As a member of WAKO (World Association of Kickboxing Organizations), we are a part of a sports organization that is recognized by the Province of Ontario (PSO – Provincial Sports Organization). As a member of a PSO, we are now allowed to start making contact during our training.

We will begin reintroducing some drills that involve contact during the next few weeks, including self-defence, bags drills, partner work, and sparring. Initially, all these drills will be of low intensity as we reacquaint ourselves with working with a partner.

If you are a Green Belt (age 8+ or older), please make sure that you bring your sparring gear to class on your ‘B’ days (Wednesday and Thursday). If your sparring gear no longer fits (it’s been a LONG time since you used it) or you don’t even have some, please click HERE to visit our Online Pro Shop. On this page, you can order individual pieces or entire sets (as a discount).

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