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Want to know why principles are important?

Last week I got into a discussion with a parent. At the end of it, I was reminded why my principles are important. I also knew after this conversation, that I had to revisit this message.

Our conversation went along the lines of them asking me to do them a favour. It was something that I could totally understand asking, but I was definitely not comfortable doing it. It went against a rule that I have at the school and my principles so I said ‘No’.

Now, they were definitely not happy about my decision. Heck, they even made a sarcastic to me about it. After that, I couldn’t help but think of this week’s message of the week…

Strong convictions, loosely held.

I could understand them being unhappy with my decision and I was aware that it could have cost a student. I also knew that I would have no problems with my decision. That night, I was still going to sleep fine.

I’m not against changing my stance on something. I’ve been wrong a million times and I’ll be wrong a billion more, so I’m not against changing my beliefs. If someone can show me I’m wrong, that my judgement is off, I’ll change.

Inevitably this week, we’re going to come across someone with an opinion that differs from ours. When that happens, we’ve got a two choices: we can shut them out or; we can listen to them. After that, we can keep our opinion or we can change it. That’s not easy, but certainly the best option. Listening to them and being open to changing our opinion. When we do that, we take ourselves closer to the truth and make our lives a little easier.

Take care and see you on the mats,


PS. This isn’t the first time we’ve done a message like this. Check it out HERE.

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