COVID Challenge Leaderboard - : Aurora Family Martial Arts
1 month and FREE uniform for $89.99
905.713.1774 15483 Yonge St #3, (behind Water Depot) Aurora, ON

COVID Challenge Leaderboard

Standings are as of June 26th.

PLEASE NOTE: It’s becoming trickier to keep track of everyone that’s completing challenges as I’m getting them from so many people and so many different platforms. Moving forward, if you could just email me your video/picture to, it’ll make life easier (and more accurate).

If I’ve made a mistake and you’ve completed more/less Challenges than what I’ve listed below (which right now seems to be likely), please let me know.

Completed 62 Challenges

  • Caitlyn Mertens
  • Maddy ‘2.0’ Maines

Completed 58 Challenges

  • Sydney ‘Sweet Feet’ McInnis

Completed 56 Challenges

  • Lauren ‘Bee’ Galan

Completed 55 Challenges

  • Michael ‘There’s no’ Holden ‘me back’!

Completed 54 Challenges

  • Lucas Galan
  • Xavier Baxter

Completed 52 Challenges

  • Juliette Baxter

Completed 45 Challenges

  • Kohen ‘I’m tiny and mighty’ Sim

Completed 32 Challenges

  • Layla Alexander

Completed 30 Challenges

  • Griffin Thompson

Completed 28 Challenges

  • Grayden Hadcock
  • Teagan ‘I’ll smile while I kick you in the ear’ McCloskey

Completed 20 Challenges

  • Bonnie ‘I’m in it for the challenge’ McLaren

Completed 13 Challenges

  • Rhys Smith

Completed 11 Challenges

  • Adrian DeGraff

Completed 8 Challenges

  • Jack ‘You don’t want none of this’ Schmidt

Completed 6 Challenges

  • Joshua Stephenson

Completed 4 Challenges

  • Sydney ‘Sid’ Forster
  • Ainsley Forster
  • Dylan ‘I’m back BABY’ Duff
  • Maddy Dimmell

Completed 3 Challenges

  • Chase ‘But you can’t catch’ Bunker

Completed 2 Challenges

  • Matthew Edwards
  • Evan Cappuccio
  • Daniel Illanes
  • Julia ‘Jules’ Illanes

Completed 1 Challenge

  • Victoria Mora
  • Emma Mora
  • Matt Labutte
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