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Ask yourself “Why not?”

Ask yourself “Why not?” This is the one question that every beginner martial artist should ask themselves.

I think if more beginners asked themselves this question, it would make their experience so much more enjoyable. They’d have more fun while training, and if they do that, I can almost guarantee that one day, they’ll be a Black Belt.

I’ve seen so many people walk into the dojo and the moment they see a Black Belt, they become in awe. They put Black Belts on a pedestal, thinking they’re some sort of magical creature. Honestly, they overestimate what it takes to get a Black Belt.

I’ve seen beginners start to see achieving a Black Belt as a nearly impossible task and start thinking “I’m not fast/stong/smart/fit/etc. enough to earn a Black Belt” when if they just asked themselves “Why not me?”, they would start to see there is no reason why they can’t.

No matter what obstacle they think stands in front of them, I GUARANTEE that someone else has overcome it. Probably even more!

A common saying in the martial arts is “A Black Belt is a White Belt that never gave up”. It’s SO true. I know that if you ask most Black Belts, they don’t think they’re special. They think they’re just normal people that kept going to class and one day, they earned a Black Belt.

When things start feeling tough, remember to ask yourself “Why not?” and just watch what happens. You’ll be amazed by the fact that you can’t find a reason why not. For most of us, achieving our goals, like earning a Black Belt, is just a matter of continuing to work. And, if we do that, one day, we’ll get there.

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