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Asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness

Last week a student came to class and we got talking about his training. He’s a student that I really like a lot and am always excited to see in class and so when I discovered that he hadn’t been sparring because he was scared of it, I instantly wanted to help him get over that.

As we spoke about his training and sparring, we came up with some ideas and strategies that we could use to help him get back on track.

We’ve all got something that we’re afraid of. A hitch, a glitch, something that is difficult for us to face but going to someone for help getting over that is something that can really help us A LOT!

I honestly believe that when you go to someone and ask them for help, that person is usually VERY excited to help you and share with you what they know. And, when you go to that person and ask for help, it’s going to make your life so much better…even easier.

Considering that, this week’s message of the week is…

Asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of strength.

This week, as you go through the week, look at the things that you’re a little fearful of. What makes you scared? When you find that thing, try and find someone that can help you because like I said, when you ask someone for help, I believe that person is going to be really excited to help you.

If that person is really excited to work with you, and they coach you, share with you what they know, that fear is going to be a little less.

Now, is that student back to sparring? Not yet but now that we’re helping him face those fears, I really believe that one day soon, he’s going to be!

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