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Be patient with yourself. Enjoy the process.

I was speaking with someone this week and they mentioned that being patient affects how much they can enjoy doing something. Being patient helps them enjoy the process of learning.

A lot of times we’ll have students start their training and they have these HUGE expectations of themselves. Adults are the WORST for this. Their expectations are ALL over the place. Some think that they’re going to be great on day one and learn whatever they need to learn way too quickly. Others think that they’ll NEVER get it. It is very rare that the new student’s expectations actually match up with reality. When they don’t you can always tell they’re disappointed. Being disappointed is never fun and this really affects their experience of learning something new.

That mismatch of expectations and reality brings us to this week’s message of the week…

Patience isn’t just waiting. It’s how you behave while you’re waiting.

What I would love to see is for students to begin their training with zero expectations. They just accept the process and go through it. As they train, they’ll inevitably see some areas of improvement and in other areas, they’ll be incredibly challenged. But, if they come without expectations, they’ll be MUCH more patient with themselves and they’ll enjoy the process much more. They won’t experience that disappointment of unmet expectations.

This week, whatever you are doing, approach it without expectations. Accept that there is a process and that you will have to be patient with it. If you do this, you’ll surely enjoy the process much more and will eventually see the results that you desire.

See you on the mats,


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