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What the world needs now…is leaders!

The world today will need effective leaders tomorrow.  At school, in business and in politics our community leaders will be needed to guide people through the growth and challenges that will be required to succeed in the future.  The reality is that today’s children will be tomorrow’s leaders.  Possessing the necessary skills to be an effective leader, skills such as building relationships, public speaking, working with a team, overcoming challenges and much more, will be more important than ever in helping your child be an outstanding contributor to an economy and world that is changing faster than ever. These are undeniably core skills moving forward.

When I first started a school, I taught every class, from Ninja-Tots to Adults. As the school grew, I brought on staff and began training them on how to run a floor and work with the people that we were leading and serving. Initially, this process took a long time but now, I see massive improvements in just a few months in our staff.  Staff members that were once shy and quiet begin to command a floor and earn the student’s respect as they become more effective leaders. Very quickly, teens become leaders and begin leading children and adults, helping them improve their lives.  How did this happen?

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The 7 Reasons Why Your Child Should Participate in the Martial Arts

Undeniably, the martial arts has had a profound affect on my life, playing a major role in who I’ve become.  Summarizing all the benefits that I’ve experienced was tough but I found this article that I think does a really good job of it.  Give it a read and let me know what you think.

The 7 Reasons Your Child Should Participate in the Martial Arts by Eric C. Stevens.

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