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Failure doesn’t mean ‘No’, it just means ‘Not right now.’

A funny thing happens when I’m teaching a new technique or concept.  Students will give it a try and then they will fall into one of two categories…

  1. They get it…
  2. They didn’t get it…

After that, the second group usually says one of two things…

“I need more practice”


“Nope…not for me”

I always find the second group to be funny because it’s the first time that they’ve tried something.  Why do they think they’d be good at it?  Why do they think that it’s not for them?  Do they think everyone that got it, did so on their first try?

When we try something new, perhaps a combo and don’t get it, it doesn’t mean ‘No’, it just means ‘Not yet.’  We may not be getting it because…

  • We’re missing a move,
  • Our timing is off,
  • Our partner is doing something funky that negates the technique,
  • We’re using it in the wrong situation or
  • It’s just not working right now for a number of other reasons.

The great thing about failure is that it means we’re a bit smarter, learning something new and one step closer to ultimately learning what we were trying to.

This week, as you go through the week, don’t look at your failures as fatal, but as jumping off points that are propelling you forward.

To your success,


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