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Find your tribe

I heard a story last week and it couldn’t but help remind me of how important it is to find your tribe. Without a tribe, you’re untethered and alone and that’s tough.

Once there was a yellow flower in a field of red flowers. Because the flower was the only yellow flower in a field of red, it felt really lonely. Sometimes when you’re special, or unique, you can feel lonely. Nobody understands your experiences and how you can feel when you’re a group of one.

Well, one night the yellow flower is feeling especially sad and it starts to cry. As it cries, it hears a voice that asks “Why are you crying?”

“Because I’m so lonely,” said the yellow flower, his tears dripping down.

“Why are you lonely?”

“Because I’m the only yellow flower. I feel so alone.”

“You aren’t alone. You’re one of us. I’m a red rose and you are a yellow rose. Together we make this beautiful rose garden. Without each other, the people would never stop and look at us. We’d be just a single rose and that’s not special but together, we make something that is beautiful and people appreciate.”

The red rose was so smart and was right. Without all the different, unique flowers coming together, they’d be just a single flower but together their uniqueness made something beautiful.

This week, inevitably, you’re going to feel a little lonely but never forget that you are a part of something great. As martial artists, we’re part of a massive community that loves and respects each other. If you aren’t part of that community, you are certainly part of one, you just need to take some time to think about it. Once you do find your tribe, you’ll realize that you aren’t alone and hopefully, you’ll feel a little less lonely.

Take care and see you on the mats,


PS If you are having a tough time, feeling lonely or depressed, and need someone to talk to click HERE for people that you can talk to and resources you can use.

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