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Patience is more than waiting.

How does the martial arts teach us patience? How will the martial arts help us get through our current situation?

It shouldn’t be a shock that this week’s message revolves around patience. To get back to normal, we need to be patient. Patient with each other, the situation and the process of isolation.

Luckily, the martial arts has taught us patience.

One of the great things about our training, is that it teaches us patience. Our training teaches us that for everything, there are steps that need to be completed before we can move to the next. To finish a class, to earn a stripe, to move to the next rank, there are steps. Sometimes the steps are easy and sometimes they are hard, but undeniably, there are steps.

None of us know how long our current situation is going to continue for, but what we do know is that we all play a role in helping it end as fast as possible. Patience is going to be key to making that happen.

While waiting for life to return to normal, take full advantage of the time. Continue working on improving ourselves by reading, exercising and learning. Reconnect with your family by playing games, doing puzzles and just spending time together.

And, most importantly at this time, maintain your responsibility to the community by minimizing your contact with others.

Take care of each other,


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