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How Tip Testing Works

The great thing about the martial arts is that it helps people build confidence. With a built in set of goals, as students work their way through the ranks, inevitably their confidence grows. One important thing that we teach our students is that if you break up a goal into smaller pieces, it’s makes achieving your goals a lot easier. How we do that for our students, is with tips.

Most students have the opportunity to earn their tips in the 3rd or 4th week of the month. To earn their tips, they’ll need to meet certain requirments that include:

*Length of time at that rank (Time varies by belt),

*Number of classes trained,

*Display certain character traits and,

*Perform certain skills.

During testing week, students will receive feedback via the student portal. The following week, should students be successful in earning their tips, they’ll receive an email from us congratulating them and be able to see their new rank in the student app.

After earning the required number of stripes, students will be eligible to receive their next rank.

*Juniors (Ages 5-7) – 3 stripes (1 stripe/month)

*Juniors (Ages 8+) White to Orange Belt – 3 stripes (1 stripe/month)

*Intermediates (Ages 8+) Green to Blue – 6 stripes (1 stripe/month)

*Advanced (Ages 8+) Brown and Brown Adv. – 3 stripes (1 stripe/3 months)

Should you have any questions about the tip testing process, please don’t hesitate to ask.


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