Leadership Mastery Program - Begins January 2019! - : Aurora Family Martial Arts
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Leadership Mastery Program – Begins January 2019!

Leadership can be seen through many lenses – from parenting, to work, to how we show up anywhere in our lives – and it is one of the most pressing issues of our age.  Our new Leadership Mastery program is all about how we as adults work through bringing the best version of ourselves into our lives so that we can have the greatest impact on our worlds.  This means living more in alignment with our values, experiencing more fulfillment, learning to master the art of relationships, working best with our teams, empowering others, and having an authentic influence on the world around us in service of a great purpose.  Join us for an engaging and interactive workshop on Leadership Mastery – the mastery of self, the mastery of relationships, and the mastery of impact.  



  • An understanding of how, based on cutting edge adult development theory, you can bring your best self forward into your world
  • How you can immediately start having a different impact on your team, your co-workers, your family, and your self
  • Included for attendees: Free “Leadership MRI” self-assessment and 1 hour coaching debrief.

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