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Trying to learn a new skill?

There’s a funny thing that happens when you’re trying to learn a new skill. I’ve experienced it a million times. I’ve seen it happen in class a million times. This week it happened again and it got me really thinking.

What happens when you’re learning a new skill is that you’ll have it one day and the next day you won’t. One day it looks like you’ve been doing it for your entire life and the next week it’s like you’ve never done it before. Sometimes, it’s really funny to see. Other times, it’s really hard to wrap your head around and incredibly frustrating.

Why that happens is because your brain and your body are trying to put all the pieces together. They’re working together and organizing the timing, rhythm of things, and muscles you need to use. Sometimes you’ve got it and sometimes you don’t.

It just happens that we had a parent this week say “Ah…the feedback you give each time isn’t the same.” That’s really possible because the performance isn’t the same every time. Students are learning a new skill, trying to do something new and sometimes it looks great and sometimes it doesn’t and that’s okay.

What really got me thinking was that the key to getting consistent feedback and those consistent results is a consistent effort and that’s what this week’s message of the week is. This week’s message is…

Consistent effort leads to consistent results

If I’m doing something consistently two or three times a week, I’m definitely going to see results a lot faster than if I’m doing it once one week, then five or six times the next, then I take a week off and then I do it five or six times again. If I’m up and down with my training or my practice or whatever I’m trying to do I’m not gonna get the same results as if I do small amounts consistently.

So this week, if you’re trying to learn a new skill, but you’re not quite seeing them, look at your consistency. If you’re working consistently, fantastic, you are definitely going to get the results you’re looking for eventually. If you’re kind of going on and off, it’s just going to be a lot longer and harder.

I look forward to seeing everybody in the school real soon take care.


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