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Look for the Learning Opportunity

“When you can’t, you must.”

This is a powerful statement that emphasizes the importance of perseverance and determination in the face of challenges. It implies that when we encounter obstacles, we should not give up but instead, we should push ourselves harder to overcome them.

For karate students, this quote is particularly relevant, as martial arts require discipline, focus, and determination. Here are some examples of how this quote applies to karate:

  1. When you can’t perform a technique, you must ask for help: Karate techniques require proper form and execution, and it’s easy to make mistakes. When students can’t perform a technique correctly, they should seek help from their instructor or more experienced peers to improve their skills.
  2. When you can’t overcome an opponent, you must keep trying: In sparring, it’s common to encounter opponents who are faster, stronger, or more skilled. However, instead of giving up, students should keep trying different strategies and techniques to overcome their opponent.
  3. When you can’t attend class, you must practice on your own: Karate training requires consistent practice, and missing classes can set students back in their progress. When students can’t attend class, they should practice on their own to maintain their skills and improve their techniques.

“When you can’t, you must,” is a reminder to karate students that challenges are opportunities to push themselves to their limits and improve their skills. By persevering through difficulties, students can develop a strong mindset and become better martial artists. 

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