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Opportunity vs. Obligation

The idea of opportunity vs. obligation blew my mind last week and now I’m looking at things totally differently and it’s GREAT.

I was speaking with a friend of mine and during the conversation, I was complaining about how much time it takes to keep up with email, phone calls, and all the jobs like that. Once I was done complaining, he pointed out that I should stop complaining and look at things differently.

He said it’s a question of opportunity vs. obligation. He pointed out that I should see all those jobs as great opportunities and not obligations. They give me the opportunity to strengthen bonds, build new ones, and connect with some amazing people. That I see those things as jobs I have to do and not as jobs that I get to do was all wrong.

He’s right and that’s why this week’s message of the week is…

See things as opportunities and not as obligations.

Once I started looking what I had to using that light, I started to see things totally different. No longer was I obligated to speak with a misbehaving student but now I had the opportunity to help them get on the right track. I had the opportunity to help their parents, teachers, siblings, neighbours and everyone else that they come in contact with. That’s an amazing things.

This week, inevitably, we’ll see something that we have to do as an obligation, but if we spin it around and see it as an opportunity, it makes things so much more enjoyable. Give it a shot and see what happens.

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PS. If you want to see a GREAT video on this idea, check this out…

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