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Know to pick your battles!

Are you picking the right ones?

My wife often says to me “Pick your battles”. Last week my daughter and I were clashing heads. This tends to happen because we’re similar personalities. If you’re a parent, you can certainly relate to this. If you’re not a parent, you still can because I don’t know anyone who has gone through life and not disagreed with someone. Eventually, my wife gave me the signal to drop the fight and move on. When she did that, that got me thinking about my Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training and a basic principle that we have in it. That’s what this week’s message of the week is all about.

This week’s message of the week is…

Pick your battles

Know which battles you can win and which you can’t and then move on. In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, like all martial arts really, you inevitably come up against a road block. It’s a partner, sweep, submission or one of many other things that you just can’t get past. For some reason you can’t figure it out and the harder you try to get it, you just can’t. Sometimes, you even make it worse! If that’s happening, you may reach a point where you need to figure out a different way to get the results you want. Which means you need to drop that battle and move on.

This week, inevitably, you’re going to come up against a challenge and when that happens, you may need to take a moment to question whether it’s worth continuing to fight or look for a new solution. If you take the time to step back and think about it, you’ll inevitably find a new solution. And, if you do that, I guarantee that it’ll make your training so much more enjoyable because you won’t spend so much time struggling against something when there’s an easier solution.

That’s it. I’ll see you on the mats.


PS This reminds me of a great that we did a couple of weeks ago about being willing to give things up. If you want to see it, just click HERE.

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