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Respect others’ views & opinions.

I had an interaction with a person last week and it got a bit heated. We definitely had a difference of opinions. We were far from seeing eye to eye with each other. The next day, however, something happened and it reminded me that we all have different versions of the truth. That we need to respect others’ opinions. What happened was, the person called me and we had the nicest conversation. It was as if our previous conversation had never happened. To me, it was SO weird. To them, it seemed like just another day.

How we see the world, how we experience the events in our day, are shaped by our past. How we were raised, our families, friends and so much more shape how we see the world. What is certain is that no two people see the world the same because no two people have had the same life experiences.

Inevitably, this truth causes tension between people. One person sees an event as a none-issue but the other person is really rattled by it. It’s bound to happen. When that does happen, take a few moments to remember that not everyone sees everything the same. Taking the time to respect others’ opinions and experiences takes compassion and understanding but, I bet that if you do that, it’ll make everything go a little smoother.

See you on the mats,


PS. This reminds me of another video that we did about accepting other people for what they are. Check it out HERE.

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