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Sometimes the only thing you can control is your perspective.

Years ago I heard a story about two brothers that grew up in an abusive home and over time, their lives went in totally opposite directions.

One brother became, in most measures, successful and the other brother went on to struggle throughout life.  When the two brothers were interviewed, they were asked about how their lives turned out and both attributed their current state to how they were raised.

It was a testament to seeing the same thing from a different perspective.

This weeks message of the week is…

The only think you sometimes have control over is perspective.  You don’t have control over the situation.  But you have a choice over how you view it. – Chris Pine.

I was speaking to a tournament team member recently and he mentioned that his favourite people to train and spar with were two people that are much better fighters than him.  When I asked him why, he simply said that they make him better.

What I often see in sparring is two different types of people.  The first group are the people that gravitate towards the fighters that push them improve and the second group is those people that choose the partners that they can already beat.  One group is getting better much faster than the other.

We’re all guilty at one point or another of taking the easy way out.  Of choosing the path that is MORE travelled than less travelled.  When we choose that easier path, we’re doing it so that it doesn’t challenge us but what we should be doing is choosing the path that is challenging so that sometime in the future, when we come across that tough situation again, we’re better prepared.

This week, as you go through the week, take a look at the paths that you’re choosing and think about whether you’re choosing the easier path or the harder path that forces you to grow and learn.

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