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Stop chasing happiness and try this.

The measure of success is happiness and peace of mind. – Bobby Davro  

Remember that time you accepted the new job, finally got that raise, took a vacation, hit your ideal body weight and still, you weren’t happy?  The knotted balls of stress and discontent in your stomach that made you want to stay in bed forever, still lingered.   


You thought that the cycle of dread and stress that started the beginning of every day would all vanish when you finally achieved your goals.  Unfortunately, the stress didn’t vanish and that lead to headaches, trouble sleeping and illness.  Mental health effects like anxiety, frustration, and exhaustion were dragging you down and draining you of energy. 


Stuck in a cycle of chasing happiness but feeling disappointed when we don’t catch it.  It’s all horrible and a terrible way to exist. 


Chasing goals to make us happy means that happiness always exists on the horizon and out of reach.  Our goal should not be to achieve happiness, but to be happy.  To exist in a state of happiness. 


One thing we can do to improve our state is inject more people, places, activities etc. into our lives that make us happy.  Research consistently shows that people who mix with similar people doing activities that they enjoy are far happier than people that do otherwise. 


For me, the dojo has always been a place where I could go and forget everything that was bothering me.  The mix of great training partners and fun exercise inevitably boosted my endorphins and took me from where ever I was, to a better mental state.  Simply, it made me happy. 


This week, as you enter the dojo, immerse yourself in your training and focus wholly on that experience.  Train with the people that you enjoy being around and focus on improving your skills.   


As you do that, you’ll push your unhappy thoughts, frustrations and struggles off the mat and enter that perfect peace of mind.  The void of unhappiness by default, is happiness and isn’t THAT what we’re always chasing? 


To your success, 


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