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Stop holding yourself back.

When I was a kid, my parents were CONSTANTLY telling me to live up to my potential. Parents…sound familiar?

As I got older and started doing more things, I experienced some disappointments. I would get a poor mark in school, fail to make a team and a variety of other things.

Eventually I realized that a lot of those disappointments were totally within my control. Had I studied a bit harder, practiced a bit more or done some other things, I would have achieved the results that I wanted.

This week’s message of the week is all about that. How we’re capable of really amazing things like getting that new job or those higher marks in school, but we hold ourselves back by failing to live up to our potential.

This week’s message of the week is…

With realization of ones own potential, we can build a better world.

When we realize that we really can do more, that we are totally capable of achieving our dreams, it’s REALLY exciting.

This week, as we go through the week, let loose. Stop holding yourself back and take some step towards a goal that you thought you’d never achieve and watch what happens.

To your success,


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