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Strong convictions loosely held.

Last week I had a conversation with someone and it reminded me of the importance of being open to change. It reminded me of the “Strong convictions, loosely held.” That it’s important that we be open to changing our minds.

Inevitably, we’re going to bump heads with someone. They’re going to see something one way and we’re going to see it another way. When this happens, I always think of two things.

First, neither of us is probably 100% right OR wrong. The reality is that the truth probably lies somewhere in between. The second thing that I think of is that one of us probably or perhaps even BOTH of us, needs to change our stance.

What’s important is that we be open to changing our stance as we gain more knowledge or experience or speak with more knowledgeable people. To do that requires people to be open to listening and learning and putting away their pride. It takes a big person to do it.

I think that if we are able to change our stance on a subject it’ll remove a lot of stress from our lives and enable us to move forward with a lot less resistance.

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