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The Importance of Forgiving

My mom and I had this conversation on the weekend about people making mistakes. It takes a strong person to forgive and forget but the weight that people carry being mad at someone often isn’t worth it. That really got me thinking about the importance of forgiving.

My mom to say the least, can be…passionate about things. Last week somebody did something and it really offended her. She was just outraged and couldn’t wrap her head around anybody doing such a thing. As we talked about it, I realized it wasn’t helping. I also realized she was carrying around this anger and frustration and it was really a burden. That got me thinking about the ability to forgive which leads me to this week’s message of the week…

To err is human to forgive is divine

It takes a really strong person to forgive somebody that’s wronged them. Carrying the weight of the anger, and all the other emotions that you feel when someone wrongs you is a lot. As hard as it is, perhaps the best thing you can do is just forgive them. Just move on. Perhaps they had no intention of hurting or harming you. Maybe they were just ignorant, naive or something along those lines. It’s really possible that their actions had no malice.

This week, if someone does something to you, don’t forget the importance of forgiving. If you can forgive somebody for hurting or harming you, it’ll releases a huge weight that makes life a lot easier. It’s going to make this week a lot easier.

I look forward to seeing you on the mats real soon. Take care.


PS The conversation with my mom also reminded me of a great video called “It’s not about the nail.” Check it out HERE.

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