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The Importance of Looking After Yourself

I was reminded about the importance of looking after yourself this week.

I’ve known a friend for nearly thirty years. She has a huge heart and a great soul and I’ve always thought of her as having a great balance between all aspects of her life.

Last week we were talking about what we had been doing over the last couple of months and I was surprised by what she told me.

We had been speaking for a while when she told me that she had been doing a better job at looking after herself. For years, she had been working and giving to others but she reached her limit.

As she spoke, she talked about how she had become someone different than what she knew should had to be. She wanted to keep helping others, but it was tough.

She talked about the changes she had started making. Reading, exercising, spending time with family and taking more time to do things that made her feel good.

That idea of giving back to yourself is what this week’s message is all about…

If you don’t look after yourself, no one else will.

We’d all agree that it’s really important to help and support the people we love. We’d also agree that helping others can be tiring and it takes energy. If we spend all of our time, giving to others, eventually we’ll burn out. We’ll be drained with nothing to give back.

This week, don’t forget the importance of looking after yourself and set aside some time to do that. That may mean taking a nap, reading, exercising, meditating or something else. However you do it, it’s going to make you more capable of helping others and that’s going to benefit everyone in the long run.

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