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Want to know what you’re truly capable of?

This upcoming weekend is a big weekend for some of our Red and Black Belts as they test for their next rank.

It’s a three day test that’s incredibly challenging that’s meant to test their physical limits and their martial arts skills, but also to force them beyond what they believe their capable of and to discover new levels of themselves.

This week’s message of the week is…

Challenges make you discover things about yourself that you never knew. – Cicely Tyson

The test that our students go through is designed to do exactly this.  It’s designed so that by the end of the weekend, the students that have gone through it, have a REALLY good understanding of what they are actually capable of.

Really great challenges are meant to be difficult.  If we’re not really facing TRUE challenges and failing sometimes, then we’re not really challenging ourselves and pushing ourselves to grow.

We definitely live in a time of participation medals and I really believe that those are important for some people.  Without them, many people wouldn’t…participate.

To really grow though, and to figure out what you’re really made of…you can’t be rewarded for just participating…you need to push yourself to your absolute limit and that means that sometimes, you’re going to fail.  It’s okay to fail.

In fact, you may continue to fail until you’re finally a big enough, better YOU and you can overcome that challenge.

This week, challenge yourself and fail.  Be okay with failing.  If you don’t fail, you didn’t challenge yourself enough and that means that you’re probably not growing.  When you do fail, take something away from the experience, learn from it, face that challenge again and see if what you learned is enough to help you overcome.  Keep on doing this process until you’re able to overcome the challenge.

To all of our Power Weekend participants, good luck.  My first Power Weekend was an incredibly challenging and rewarding experience and I hope yours is too.


To your success,


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