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Want to relieve some stress in your life?

What we are really matters more than what people think of us.Jawaharlal Nehru 

Remember that time you met that person and they thought you were a snob?  A jerk for not even giving them the time of day.  Probably not.  Remember that time you met someone and thought the same?  Maybe. 

Every day, we’re interacting with people, but the experience that we both take away from it, can be totally different. 


Think of your favourite instructor, the one that’s had the greatest effect on your training.  They’re your favourite based on the lens that you see them through.  It’s based on what you’ve gotten out of your training and interactions with them and every interaction that you’ve ever had with anyone else.   

I also guarantee that that instructor isn’t EVERYONES favourite instructor and that’s because of the lens that they’ve experienced their training through.  


Our version of reality may not line up with someone else’s reality.  If we base our happiness on making someone else happy, that may be something that we can never achieve. 

Our happiness needs to be based on our own actions and how they make us feel.  Not how they make someone else feel. 


This week, as you train, think of little else other than being the best that you can be.  Finish your training sessions knowing that you did your absolute best and be proud of yourself.   

Now, take that idea out into the world.  Be your absolute best YOU and free yourself from other’s opinions. 

To your success, 


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