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When I feel overwhelmed, I take a moment & then get going.

Take a moment, breathe, then get going. When I feel overwhelmed I try to remember to do this. It’s the advice I give myself often, and it’s what I told my daughter this morning. I also thought that it would be a great message of the week as we get back to normal routines.

In the mornings, as my daughter gets ready for school, she can feel overwhelmed. She has a tough time organizing her thoughts and figuring out what to do next when she needs to get breakfast, pack her lunch, get dressed, do her bathroom stuff and much more. She finds all those things a bit overwhelming.

I can certainly relate to this as I’m sure many of you can. You look at your ‘to-do’ list for the day and it seems to never end sometimes. When I feel like that, and this is what I told my daughter, I pick one thing and start it. I follow this week’s message of the week…

Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.

I know for me, as long as I do that, I’ll figure out my priorities and then I can make some progress through my list. Sitting there, paralyzed by trying to figure out what to do next just doesn’t work for me. It doesn’t make me feel good and it certainly doesn’t make things better.

This week, instead of worrying about everything you need to do, pick something, get it done, and start moving forward. I know when I do that, I start to feel better because I’m making progress. It may not always be in the best direction, but something is better than nothing.

Take care and see you on the mats soon,


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