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When will things get better/Be open to change

A parent and I were talking this week and he said to me “Ah, once this is done, something new will come up.” He said it in an off-handed way, but it reminded me of the fact that if you are open to change, things will get better.

The reality is that no matter what you are going through, it will eventually change. If you are experiencing highs, you will eventually go through lows. If you’re feeling a little down right now, it will get better.

For years, I’ve seen this with people and their training. I’ve seen students really struggle and be on the verge of quitting but persevere through whatever roadblock they’re facing and eventually come out of the other side, stronger and more committed than ever. I’ve seen students that have things come so easy to them, eventually hit a roadblock and push them to places they’ve never been before. No matter what, I’ve never seen a student go through all of their training, only experiencing highs OR lows. It’s always been a mix.

This week, no matter what you’re experiencing, understand that it won’t last forever. If you accept that, you’ll be able to adjust to your swings in fortune and they won’t feel so intense. No matter what, things will get better.

Take care and see you on the mats,

Sensei Michael

PS Stay hopeful. Be optimistic. Here’s a good article about being optimistic.

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