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When you need to achieve something big, you need this…

When I first started my training, I remember having a few training partners that were really great partners and influenced my development as a martial artist by pushing me to improve.

In BJJ, I’ve been working on a glitch that I have in my game and so this week, two of my friends just helped me drill a specific thing.  I don’t think that I have it down 100% but I’m definitely better than I was before and my partners certainly helped.

When I first opened the school, there were a group of people that helped me and the school continues to thrive today because of the team that we have.

Anything that I’ve every accomplished that I’m really proud of or anytime that I’ve completed a goal that was really hard, I’ve been a part of a team.  Without my team members, I’m positive that I would have either never achieved my goal or if I had, it would have been a LOT tougher and less enjoyable.

This week, as you go through the week, take a look at what you’re working on and if you’re slogging through it or finding it a real struggle, take a look at the people that you have on your team and perhaps make some changes.

To your success,


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