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Who do you need to achieve great things? You need these people.

Every successful person knows that their achievement depends on a community of persons working together. – Paul Ryan

One of the things that I don’t think that gets enough credit when we achieve something big, is the team that’s involved.

When I first opened my school, I relied on a lot of people. Friends and family were often helping me with admin work, opening the school when I was running late from my other job and a variety of other things along the way.

Without them, the school would have never gotten off the ground and it definitely wouldn’t be what it is today without them. In fact, I still rely on people all the time to help me.

This weekend we had a number of people test for their first, second and third degree Black Belts and I was really happy with how it all went and proud of how well they did.

As great as the weekend was, none of it would have been possible without a VERY big team of people working on it…for years.

Parents, spouses, siblings, friends, neighbours and a whole lot of other people helped get the candidates to that point.

For the school, staff, guests, friends, other students and parents were all involved in making sure the weekend was a huge success.

Without all those people, none of this would have worked as well.

This week, as you go through the week, think about what you’re trying to achieve, all the people that are involved in it and how much harder it would be and take some time to appreciate all of them.

To your success,


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