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Why it’s important to smile

With so many restrictions this year, some of the things that I love doing and that keep me active have been limited. Now, I don’t deal well with not being active…when I’m active, I can’t stop smiling. One night last week I had a great experience that made me smile and that got me thinking about this week’s message of the week.

This week’s message is very simple…

A smile is free therapy.

So this year, because I can’t play hockey (I only started playing a few years ago and love it), I took a shot at building a skating rink in my backyard. Last night I was on my rink, skating around a little bit and I was just grinning ear to ear. Despite all the restrictions and limitations going on, I was feeling pure bliss. The activity (and the endorphins) from moving around were worth all the hard work.

Inevitably this week you’re going to feel some ups which are fantastic, and you’re going to feel a few downs. It’s natural. What’s important when you feel those downs, you find some good and smile. If you do that, I guarantee you that the week’s going to feel a lot better. In the wise words of Bob Marley, “Everything’s gonna be all right.”

This week don’t forget why it’s important to smile.

See you on the mats,


PS. Knowing what makes you happy is important. Check out why HERE.

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