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Why martial artists have bigger families

The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life. – Richard Bach 

Think of the person in your life that you rarely see…but once you do, it’s like you’ve never been apart. 

How many of those people do you have in your life? 

I hope you have as many as I do. 


When I was a purple belt, I was sparring with another martial artist and it was intense.  He was an excellent fighter and we kicked the heck out of each other for hours.  When we were done, for reasons I didn’t understand at the time, we had this crazy bond.  We felt like brothers and still do to this day. 

Fortunately, I have tonnes of brothers and sisters in my life and almost all of them have come from the martial arts.  I may not see them for years, but when I do, it’s nothing but love…and respect. 


When you’ve got something in your life that makes you happy…REALLY happy, the people you do it with are a big part of the happiness.  And...when you’re working on something, trying to build and get better together…just like you do in the martial arts…respect grows. 

Mix happiness and respect amongst people and you’ve got a… 






A Dojo …or whatever else you want to call it. 


When you have people in your life that encourage you, you’re friends.   

When you build something together, you’re family.   

When there’s a bunch of you, you’re a force and it’s impossible to not feel a bond with them. 


This week, take some time to appreciate all the great people in your life.  Think about all the bonds that you have that extend beyond your natural family and all that you bring to each other.   

If you’re missing those types of people in your life…you’re missing out. 


To your success,


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