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Will Karate help build confidence?

Click the above image to watch a video on how to improve your confidence.

Arthur Ashe, was a legendary tennis player and humanitarian and had a very simple way to improve his confidence and it was to…PREPARE!

He believed the greatest thing that holds us back from becoming our absolute best, is a lack of confidence and the best way to improve our confidence is to be better prepared.

So, how do we become better prepared to face the challenges that lay ahead of us?  Well, we practice, drill, rehearse, ask questions, find a mentor or roll model, study and any other possible way that we can gain experience or knowledge.

The martial arts is a great tool that we use to teach this.  Through training specific skills, we gain the ability to complete certain tasks that we are assigned.  As we grow our skill set, so do our capabilities and most importantly, our confidence grows too.

This week, as you go through the week, look at the challenges that you’re facing and start to think about how you can become more prepared for them and as you prepare, watch your confidence grow.

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