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Your attitude determines your altitude.

When I first started training, I remember my teacher really being hard on us in some classes. Not yelling and screaming, but pushing us really hard. During those classes, he’d always tell us that attitude determines altitude. At the time, I knew what he meant, but it didn’t mean much to me. As I’ve gotten older, that has certainly changed.

Last week was our first week back holding classes in the school and it was…


We really missed seeing students, staff, parents, siblings and so many others while we were closed. But now…we’re BACK. To be back open, seeing smiling and sweating faces on all those students felt amazing.

As people returned to class, I really started to think about how committed all our students are to improving and growing. Not just as martial artists, but as people. Getting back in shape is great. It feels good to get moving again, but there’s more to the martial arts than just that. They also want to see their focus, confidence, discipline and so much more improve. That’s when I remembered that my teacher always used to say…

It’s your attitude that determines your altitude.

All these people that are coming back and getting back to training have this strong desire to be better. Because of that desire, they’re getting back to all the good habits and routines that help them. They’re back exercising, eating better and think more positively. Doing those things can’t do anything but help.

This week, do your best to get back on track with whatever is good for you. Adopt that attitude of focus, determination, and a desire to get better. Like my teacher said, that attitude can only do one thing and that is, take you to a higher altitude. Once you adopt that attitude, it’s very liberating.

To your success and I can’t wait to see you back,


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