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Change begins with acceptance

A story about how accepting others’ differences can promote change.

A fox and a stork are neighbours. They’ve lived next door to each other forever. The stork is a kind-hearted fellow. He’s happy to see everyone and friendly to all. The fox is a sneaky guy, plotting and conniving.

One day the fox comes up with a plan that he thinks is hilarious and so he invites the stork over for dinner night. The night of the meal comes and the stork has been building an appetite all day. He’s SO hungry but is really disappointed when the fox serves him soup in a shallow plate.

The plate is so shallow that he can barely get his bill into the soup. All he can get is the tip of his bill wet and so at the end of the evening, the stork goes home still hungry.

Weeks pass and the stork invites the fox over for dinner. The fox had forgotten about what he had done to the stork and so when he shows up for dinner and is ready to eat, he’s surprised to see the meal is also soup and this time it’s served in tall, slender jars.

Well, this time the fox can’t eat but the stork has no problems. He can easily get his bill into the jar, reach the bottom and eat the soup.

We all have strengths and weaknesses. We all can bring something different to a situation and once we embrace that and take full advantage of that, change in a positive direction will happen. This week, take some time to see what other strengths people have.

See you on the mats,


PS This story reminds me of another post that we did about Strong Convictions – Loosely Held. Check it out HERE.

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