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What REALLY determines what we are is…

I remember hearing an idea once and it totally changed my life.  It was so simple and it offered me infinite hope.

Just a few days ago, I was reading Harry Potter with my daughter and Dumbledore recited nearly the exact same thing and I thought that if Dumbledore is going to offer similar wisdom, well then it must apply to more people than just myself.

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When you want to build courage and strength, try this.

Last week I was speaking to a student at the school and we started talking about experiences and how they build courage.  I was telling him that I was thinking about doing something totally new and that it really scared me.  It was something that was really outside of my comfort zone.

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When you need to achieve something big, you need this…

When I first started my training, I remember having a few training partners that were really great partners and influenced my development as a martial artist by pushing me to improve.

In BJJ, I’ve been working on a glitch that I have in my game and so this week, two of my friends just helped me drill a specific thing.  I don’t think that I have it down 100% but I’m definitely better than I was before and my partners certainly helped.

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Sometimes the only thing you can control is your perspective.

Years ago I heard a story about two brothers that grew up in an abusive home and over time, their lives went in totally opposite directions.

One brother became, in most measures, successful and the other brother went on to struggle throughout life.  When the two brothers were interviewed, they were asked about how their lives turned out and both attributed their current state to how they were raised.

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Make some change or change your attitude.

Part of our Black Belt testing is that you have to make a presentation.  The presentation is all about your experience going from White to Black Belt.  In it, students talk about what they liked and disliked, their favourite memories and more.  I find the presentation really helpful because it’s a great source of feedback from people that have been in the program for a long time.

Sometimes the dislikes are totally understandable and well thought out and they make me pause and think about how we do things.  Sometimes though, the dislikes are ridiculous because they’re things that are out of everyone’s control.

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Power Weekend and BBS Info.

Hello Power Weekend participants!

The big weekend is just around the corner and I’m really excited about it.  Just click the link below and it will provide you with more info, dates and times that you’re going to need to be aware of.

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Want to know what you’re truly capable of?

This upcoming weekend is a big weekend for some of our Red and Black Belts as they test for their next rank.

It’s a three day test that’s incredibly challenging that’s meant to test their physical limits and their martial arts skills, but also to force them beyond what they believe their capable of and to discover new levels of themselves.

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