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Love and duty. What a way to separate joy from work.

Love and duty. What a way to separate joy from work.

Last week I was on a conference call with a bunch of different sports organizations from the area. All of the people on the call help run different sports organizations and they were on the call trying to figure out ways to overcome the current situation and what will likely arise from it in the future so that it doesn’t affect people’s participation in sport.

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Appreciate what we have.

Since everything has been locked down, I’ve been calling a friend of mine nearly daily. With everything that’s going on, it’s become something that I look forward to and really enjoy doing.

It’s a great positive that has come out of everything that we’re going through right now.

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Patience is more than waiting.

How does the martial arts teach us patience? How will the martial arts help us get through our current situation?

It shouldn’t be a shock that this week’s message revolves around patience. To get back to normal, we need to be patient. Patient with each other, the situation and the process of isolation.

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