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Opportunity vs. Obligation

The idea of opportunity vs. obligation blew my mind last week and now I’m looking at things totally differently and it’s GREAT.

I was speaking with a friend of mine and during the conversation, I was complaining about how much time it takes to keep up with email, phone calls, and all the jobs like that. Once I was done complaining, he pointed out that I should stop complaining and look at things differently.

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Your attitude determines your altitude.

When I first started training, I remember my teacher really being hard on us in some classes. Not yelling and screaming, but pushing us really hard. During those classes, he’d always tell us that attitude determines altitude. At the time, I knew what he meant, but it didn’t mean much to me. As I’ve gotten older, that has certainly changed.

Last week was our first week back holding classes in the school and it was…

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Anticipation is the best

Let me tell you something. Birthdays and holidays just aren’t that great. I love the days BEFORE those days. The days leading up to birthdays and holidays are my favourite. Anticipation is the best.

In December, my daughter and I were walking to school and talking about Christmas. It was snowy and cold and she was talking about all the things that we were going to do over the break and then she explaimed…

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Strong convictions, loosely held.

Strong convictions, loosely held. I remember hearing someone say that and I loved that idea.

A friend and I had a discussion last week about something that I feel pretty strong about. After a quick discussion, I finally accepted the fact that we weren’t going to agree. Then, this week, a friend and I came across a problem and we both proposed different solutions. Over time, we presented our opinions, how we felt and why and eventually, we agreed on a totally different solution. It wasn’t my solution and it wasn’t his, it was somewhere in the middle. I was proud of how both of us worked together and found a solution together. It was actually a better solution than either of us had suggested.

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COVID Challenge Leaderboard

Standings are as of June 26th.

PLEASE NOTE: It’s becoming trickier to keep track of everyone that’s completing challenges as I’m getting them from so many people and so many different platforms. Moving forward, if you could just email me your video/picture to, it’ll make life easier (and more accurate).

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What really matters? The little things.

It’s true. What really matters, is the little things. They’re easy to overlook, but should never be forgotten.

Since we moved online, we’ve been offering private lessons online to our students. The whole goal of doing that was to make sure that students continued to train, learn and grow.

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Embrace the change!

With everything that’s going on, you’ve got to embrace change. Everywhere we go, home, work and school, we’re being forced to adapt and it’s a great opportunity.

Last week I was helping one of my duaghters with her school work and it was going really poorly. It was a subject that I’m not strong in, the assignement was confusing and when I combined that with some other things, I lost my cool. It wasn’t my best moment.

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